the agency for your future.

moodley is an owner-operated, internationally active agency with a focus on strategy, design, interactive and product.

A business designed to meet the modern demands of digital transformation. Specialized and highly-focused teams, customizable to your individual needs.

Strategy advisors, designers and engineers all under one roof.

In a rapidly changing world, powerful and consistent, clearly positioned brands and products make THE difference.

We help our customers to be desirable – by making sure that they are seen and experienced on the market.

We help our customers
to be not one out of many -
but rather, the ONE.

We help ambitious companies to represent a convincing brand personality, to create strong brand experiences and services, and to develop an inspirational brand culture.

why choose moodley
insights & customer journey
"I would like to understand my customers better."
"What do our customers think and feel when they think of us?"
"How do we translate customer needs into relevant services?"
"We are lacking a well thought-out customer journey strategy."
"Analog and digital are different worlds to us."
"How do I become relevant to my clients?"
strategy & brand development
"Our positioning is vague."
"Our brand needs guidance."
"We want to develop and position a new brand."
"How do we make our organization desirable?"
"How can we reinvent ourselves?"
"I am looking for a suitable name for my idea."
brand design
"Our positioning is not experienced in a contemporary way."
"Our identity lacks power and clarity."
"Our corporate design does not function digitally."
"Our brand needs freshness and vitality."
"Our imagery is old and not well thought-out."
"How can I modernize my existing brand?"
"We are looking for a partner in digital growth."
"How do I create digital products which users love?"
"We need a state-of-the-art user experience."
"I need a custom digital strategy."
"Our mobile apps are unattractive."
"We want to get into the e-business market."
"We want a clear design language."
"We are looking for a partner from the product idea to the SOP."
"Our brand values and product design are not coherent."
"We want to advance with our products in new markets."
"We want ‘human-centered design – perfectly engineered’."
"Our technical edge should also be experienced visually."
People ignore
design that ignores people.
And people ignore
business models
that ignore people.
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fifteen seconds
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