DTM Electric – Prototype
Tomorrow is green, clean and wow!
The DTM Electric story continues.

The future racing series DTM Electric should be the most exciting racing series ever created and yet it should be sustainably clean at the same time. moodley industrial design has thus created a styling for its new fully electric racing car that is truly inspiring and makes the series an ambassador for electric mobility. After the first demo vehicle was shown in 2020, the design of the racing prototype has now been presented to the public at the DTM season finale at the Norisring in Nuremberg.


Above all, design has to kindle emotions in order to inspire. So what should the prototypical design of the DTM Electric racing cars look like in order to generate this wow effect? A question to which moodley industrial design, together with DTM technology partners like Schaeffler, found a clear answer. Initially translated into a fully functional technology demonstrator, the aerodynamic styling of the body was further refined until the current, prototypical design emerged, which will form the basis for all the DTM Electric racing cars that will fight for future titles on the track.


The most typical and recognizable aspect of a DTM racing cars’ appearance is their silhouette, which is based on production models. And it should stay that way going into the future. At the same time, however, the DTM Electric racing cars will be propelled by up to 1,000 – fully electric – horsepower, the torque of which ensures incomparable acceleration. Together with the high-end aerodynamics and outstanding racing performance, they make impressive cornering and top speeds a distinctive feature of the new racing series. The styling of the prototype, developed by moodley industrial design, embodies precisely these characteristics. The aerodynamically optimized, purist outline creates a recognizable shape, which visually pushes the DTM into a clean future. These shape specifications for the body give the participating teams, manufacturers and sponsor partners the opportunity to integrate brand-specific, individual elements in defined areas and thus bring their brand identity into DTM Electric.

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