Am Dorfplatz 8
Good seed makes a good crop.

A perfectly idyllic setting between fruit trees, herb gardens and pumpkin fields: Bettina Stoisser-Hubmann manages the balancing act between eco and style – welcome to Dorfplatz 8.

Hefty pumpkins on expansive fields: Bettina Stoisser-Hubmann’s farm in Southern Styria has been home to the finest delicacies and treats for generations. These fine products have now been totally redesigned – a far cry from rural kitsch and with a clear focus eco-friendliness.


Style instead of kitsch, modern instead of lovely and with rich colors that emphasize the all-natural approach and down-to-earth attitude of the brand – for the new corporate design, moodley brand identity relied on confident reduction. And just like the products, the branding centered on the one detail that makes it so special: taste.

Our Services

Naming, Corporate Design, Package Design, Material Research, Roll Out & Implementation, Digital Design & Development


Bettina Stoisser-Hubmann

Creative Direction
Mike Fuisz

Art Direction
Natascha Triebl

Graphic Design
Stefan Unger

Brand Consulting
Lisa Haller

Matthias Alber
Andreas Leitner

Timotheus Triebl

Project Management
Jasmin Gottfried

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Am Dorfplatz 8

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