Andy Wolf
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In the digital age, sales can also break new ground. This is shown by ANDY WOLF's web relaunch. The new online store does not only provide the Hartberg-based company's sales force with flexibility, but also leads the digital experience of their customers and retailers into a new era.

Eye-catching E-Commerce
ANDY WOLF, the innovative eyewear manufacturer from Eastern Styria is not only a pioneer when it comes to eyewear. Thanks to moodley's e-commerce solution, the brand's online portal is transformed into a trend-setting sales system that is precisely tailored to the needs of opticians and specialist retailers. The digital access to products enables ANDY WOLF's sales force to use its freed-up resources more intensively for consulting and relationships with retailers.


Everything you’re looking for
In order for the portal to develop its entire function, existing customer data and the merchandise management system were integrated into the web application. B2B customers can now shop in an online store that tops the industry’s requirements as well as those of the brand. Orders are processed quickly with simple product search and appropriate filters. Returns, complaints and other concerns are handled just as easy. Nevertheless, personal contact remains only a click or call away.

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Launch und Betreuung


Creative Direction, Art Direction:
Corrina Aberer, Carsten Meinecke

Sophie Oppacher

UX/UI Design:
Corrina Aberer

Alexander Schwaiger, Chris Aluani, Stefan Göllner, Herbert Fuchs

Sophie Oppacher