The Austrian Ocean Race Project
Climbing the Ocean

When a team from the land of high mountains embarks on the toughest adventure on the high seas, there must be something big behind it. And it is. The Austrian Ocean Race Project sets sail for those who are committed to protecting the world's oceans.

The Ocean Race has been taking place since 1973 but in 2022 the legendary marine marathon will feature a sensational first. In addition to the well-known sailing nations, an offshore team will be competing under the Austrian flag for the first time in the history of the longest and most spectacular regatta around the world.
In the small land-locked nation with the high mountains and deep valleys there are not just mountaineers and skiers, but also passionate sailors. A 12-person crew will take on this extraordinary challenge and conquer the 38,000 nautical miles traversing four oceans with their boat Sisi. The underdogs want to use this floating stage to bring attention to something that admit of no delay: saving the seas. moodley created the concept and design for the team and their mission in cooperation with Xaver Kettele.


When Austrians are looking for a real challenge, they don't climb mountains. You go to sea. “Climbing the Ocean” is the evoative claim for this history-making project in which a young crew wants to “climb” the oceans and not only pursue a sporting goal, but above all a global mission: protection of the seas. The logo developed by moodley, generated from the shape of a sail and a mountain, combines the maritime and the alpine , two completely different and yet similarly challenging landscapes. Together, both shapes form an "A" and thus set an exclamation point for the underdogs from Austria. Like a sail in the wind, the signature element adapts to different conditions and is the visual trademark of the team and their mission. The colours are symbols for the water (blue) and the incredible speed (orange) at which the high-tech yacht named Sisi races across the seas. And even if the Austrian yacht ends up not being among the first to reach the port after eight months of challenge, the 12 heroes on board have already made a piece of history with their initiative.

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The Austrian Ocean Race Projects

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Stefan Unger

Xaver Kettele

Graphic Design
Adam Katyi

Andre Carmo
Stefan Leitner
Julian Pircher
Eike Schurr
Unsplash Waldemar Brandt
Unsplash Mattias Milos

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