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Tried and tested.

Best of Nature focuses on nature in its purest form. Therefore, the traditional, high-quality recipes only include the most natural ingredients from organic farming. moodley brand identity has now developed an attractive packaging for their finest essences.


Best of Nature is a family-run business that only uses the best ingredients of nature for its first-class oils, herbal mixes and soup bases. The distillates, essences, fruits and herbs only come from organic farming and guarantee only the highest quality. After the rebranding, the recipes needed to be packed into a suitable packaging.


The high-class distillates and mixed spices now appear in a packaging that gives every product its space without failing to provide consistency. With the help of a unified color and shape scheme and a newly developed numerical system, the products are highlighted again – and the focus is back on the finest essences of nature.

Our Services

Package Design, Material Research


B.O.N. Natural Product GmbH

Creative Direction
Mike Fuisz

Art Direction
Natascha Triebl
Kurt Glänzer

Graphic Design
Kurt Glänzer
Marie Zieger
Denis Lelic

Andreas Leitner
Tamara Sill

Project Management
Christina Schachner
Rupert Rechling

Director Digital
Birgit Taucher

Dominic Fuss
Timotheus Triebl
Moritz Ketterle

Brand Consulting
Simone Kovac

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