Billa Tschechien – Gusto Magazin
Visual indulgences.

The magazine of Billa Czechia is entirely to our taste. With deliberately current originality and delicious visuals, “Gusto” really makes it fun to cook and enjoy – and the kitchen becomes a place for exciting experiments and the pleasure of the unknown.


Natural food should also be presented and staged in the most natural way. Because where the cooking happens, crumbs will fall – this realness and authenticity create what we call “Gusto”. With genuine credibility, impressive design and original photography, the Billa magazine will whet the readers’ appetite for new culinary freedom.


moodley brand identity knows: “You eat with your eyes first “ and caters for an incredible visual taste experience. With numerous recipes, stories, reports and cooking tips, Billa customers have been paved an easy way to various culinary topics – with artful design and fascinating food photography that now help form every issue of “Gusto”.

Our Services

Corporate Publishing, Content Strategie


Billa spol. S.R.O

Strategic consulting
Gernot Leonhartsberger

Creative direction
Gerd Schicketanz

Art direction
Almut Becvar
Nora Obergeschwandner

Graphic design
Almut Becvar
Nora Obergeschwandner
Corinna Breban

Eva Rýznerová

Gunda Dittrich
Tina Herzl
Peter Mayr
Julian Mullan
Sonja Priller
Clemens Schneider
Gerhard Wasserbauer

Food styling
Bernadette Wörndl
Franz Karner

Project management
Olivia Forstmayr
Samina Gheorghe