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The birds and the bees

All the honey that comes from Biohof Rohrauer, has always been great. Now, presenting itself with a new corporate design, the brand looks as good as it tastes.


Biohof Rohrauer is a little farm, but a big player when it comes to delicious honey. The bosses Georg and Annemarie produce up to five tons a year. Although it’s actually the busy bees who produce it. And really: The whole Rohrauer family is involved, too. All of this – the family ties, the homy, the naturalness and of course the bees – shall finally find together in a corporate design, while not looking excessive. Oh, and that whets one’s appetite.


If you look around Rohrauer’s farm, you will notice one thing immediately: the colourful landing boards. This is where the bees land when coming home from work. The different colours for different colonies help them find their way. They also helped moodley to form an idea for the corporate design: to pick up the concept of the landing boards and their colours, so that a relation evolves between bees, honey and brand. In general the design is quite reduced, simple and plain. The products speak for themselves anyway. And the design should furthermore maintain Rohrauer’s philosophy: stay natural. Like the honey.

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Biohof Rohrauer

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Volkmar Weiss

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Johanna Pötsch

Sabrina Luttenberger

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