Caritas Streetwork – Publishing 2011
The human side of media.

The second printed annual report by moodley brand identity for Caritas in the year 2011 exceeded all expectations again.


The work of Kontaktladen and the Caritas street workers in the drug scene must not be held in low esteem. All the more reason for moodley brand identity to set an example with this publication – and create an annual report with a bang. Also, the work on the annual report from the year before should be exceeded in the process.


The focus was the topic of street work – presented in such a bold and striking manner that you simply had to take a look. With incredibly strong visuals, moodley created a compact, small format as a gateway into the big world of charitable work. Always with a wink, old graphics and diagrams have been replaced with a medium that people actually pay attention to: Humans.

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Annual Reporting, Storytelling, Content Strategie


Creative direction
Mike Fuisz

Art direction
Graphic Design und Fotografie
Marion Luttenberger

Project management
Angela Pilz

Editorial work
das Kontaktladen-Team

Medienfabrik Graz

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Caritas Streetwork
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