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No design, no glory

Every year at Designmonat Graz the whole city turns into a stage for international design. This year impactful design was not only to be discovered at more than 100 events, but also in the moodley-created 2019 look.


In Graz, May is a special month. It’s Designmonat. International design and its creators attract tens of thousands of visitors to the city year after year. The innovative, contemporary event format requires at least as exciting a design. All means of communication from classic outdoor advertising to merchandise, are meant to fuel curiosity for a month full of creative opportunities. The Designmonat needs to be introduced to locals and international design aficionados in a cheeky, refreshing way. A task that moodley gladly tackled.


No design - no glory! The entire design centres around this strong statement. Combined with a recurring, dynamic arrow element and a strikingly bold colour scheme, the message is truly unequivocal. The arrow shows the way: Good design, that way! The main elements are complemented by illustrations humorous text elements, that add to the design in a smart, cheeky way and approach the topic with a wink. The design can be applied to all sizes and implementations, from city light posters to beer labels. As a result, Designmonat Graz 2019 received a consistent overall appearance, that makes one thing unmistakeably clear. No design - no glory!

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Creative Industries Styria/ Designmonat Graz

Creative Director:
Mike Fuisz

Art Director:
Stefan Unger

Grafic Design:
Stefan Unger, Natascha Triebl, Daria Titarenko, Raphael Koitz

Raphael Koitz

Stefan Unger

Project management:
Lukas Habl

Viktoria Kager - lupispuma

Miriam Raneburger

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