Détroit is the new black
Baby, come back

There's probably no other city in the world that has experienced a more spectacular downfall than Detroit. Ethnic riots, automobile crisis, declaration of bankruptcy. Despite all predictions of a ruin, the Motor City has risen from the ashes and is now considered the most exciting metropolis in the USA by insiders. Right in the middle: Roslyn Karamoko and her brand Détroit Is The New Black.


Abandoned districts and decayed streets have shaped the picture of what once was a super rich Motor City and have damaged its image massively. Over the last years (survival) artists have – nearly unrecognised – conquered forgotten houses and factory buildings and filled them with their ideas. Those who travel to Detroit now discover cool galleries, manufactories, stores, shops and clubs and experience a stirring creative atmosphere that shows the American Dream still works. With courage, stamina and pioneering spirit that you can feel all over Detroit now. Roslyn Karamoko, born in Seattle, is a part of this community, in love with the raw charm of the city and the general atmosphere of departure. With her powerful brand Détroit Is The New Black she has created a movement providing identity for all those that feel connected to the city and her spirit. With big success, a flagship store in downtown and moodley's team that was chosen to support “The Motor City’s Hottest Designer“ (TIME magazine): Proud to be part of it!


Roslyn Karamokos Détroit Is The New Black is a genius statement, that unites past, present and the city's future with its inhabitants. Her store offers room for exhibitions, trunk shows, poetry slams, fundraising parties and private events to locals and reminds everyone of the fact that culture, art and fashion are one. Fascinated by the mastermind Roslyn and the city's pull, moodley has developed the strong five-word logo discreetly further and has helped to extend the brand's appearance to be a part in the shiny comeback of Detroit.

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Detroit is the new black

Art Direction:
Sabine Kernbichler

Project Management & Consulting:
Birgit Taucher

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