DTM Electric
tomorrow is wow!

In order to find general acceptance in the future, mobility must continue to fascinate.
Motor racing can play a significant role in that. It is also a ideal set up for innovation, sustainability and new technology. The team at moodley industrial design developed the styling of the fully electric demo vehicle for the future DTM Electric - in close cooperation with the new DTM technology and innovation partner Schaeffler.


What will race cars look like in the near future? And most importantly: What could electric racing cars with the DNA of the legendary DTM look like? The styling of the demo vehicle needed to answer those question and be a harbinger of what awaits in the future with the DTM Electric.

Together with the DTM technology partner Schaeffler and IDEENION, specialist for the construction of prototypes and concept cars, a fully functional demo vehicle was to be designed und built. It needed to incorporating the typical optical characteristics of DTM racing cars. and at the same time give a visionary outlook into the future of electric racing.


The typical appearance of DTM racing cars is their silhouette, which is based on production models. Their extreme racing performance is made spectacularly visible by add-on aerodynamic elements, yet at the same time the manufacturer's brand image is clearly preserved.

Styled to electrify.
The styling of this demo vehicle, developed by moodley industrial design, embodies precisely these characteristics and transforms them into the future. Even at the first glance, the styling embodies the incredible performance and power of a racing car with over 1,200 electric horsepower and thus inspire emotionally.

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Daniel Huber
Maria Traunmüller
Manuel Fröschl-Roßboth
Raimund Klausegger
Constantin Mödl
Tomas Maly

Credits Photography:
Jürgen Tap

Credits Filmproduktion:
ABT Lifestyle

Pioneer’s Journey:
The route of the DTM Electric
to its world premiere in Hockenheim
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