E-Bike 2.0:
The road bike of the future

The future of mobility is one of the topics Daniel Huber and his design team are most concerned with.

The full-suspension racing bike with electric drive enables sporty-fast riding over very long distances. The name says it all: depending on the use of electronic support, riders can cover up to 300 kilometres a day on the Longrider can cover up to. This also enables all those who do not have the physical prerequisites of a trained long-distance cyclist to head for extremely long distances by bike.

The futuristic design of the Longrider Volta Stradale is inspired by that of a racing machine. The construction is based on a method that is currently used primarily in aircraft and automotive manufacturing: The carbon monocoque is more elaborate and cost-intensive to produce than a conventional bicycle frame made of several tubes. On the other hand, it allows more sturdiness and stiffness with little mass ­– lower weight also means higher performance.

There are already e-bike races being held in the USA and Canada, and a new league of bicycles such as the Longrider Volta Stradale could also open up new opportunities in the sports sector.

With the Longrider Volta Stradale, moodley industrial design presents its vision of a completely new generation of electric racing bikes.

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