The Missing Link in E-Mobility.

Quick, comfortable and high-power. What hasn’t been a great fit in e-mobility until now, is what Easelink is pushing with its revolutionary technology. moodley accompanies the fascinating start-up on its way into an electric future – with a 360 degrees branding including product design.


When it comes to electromobility there are still a few things to work on. The high costs, the limited cruising range and a bad charging infrastructure are reasons why most of the cars still drive without an “e”. Easelink, a company from Graz, sets the topic with its intelligent technology called Matrix Charging® in motion and will offer a new standard on the streets soon. Wireless, automatic, digital, easy and safe. According to one principle: plug & play. What one needs? A connector, integrated in the vehicle, and a discreet charging module in the parking lot. moodley’s task: creating a product design and positioning brand and technology internationally how it really is: easy-going, smart and game-changing.


Literally the last thing the mobile world needed: Matrix Charging® is „The Missing Link in E-Mobility“. Easelink offers a large-scale solution to the automobile industry, having created a conductive charging technology – and is therefore allowed to be self-confident. moodley created an iconic visual logo for the company. A hexagon that brings the structure of a matrix to mind and is simplistic, timeless and formative at the same time. A strong symbol with a high recognition factor, combinable and applicable endlessly, elegant and powerful. And it aligns with the uncomplicated approach and all the technology’s advantages: arriving, automatic charging, drive on. Without cumbersome handling, weak charging performance and delays.
The design follows function and withstands reality’s requirements. A Pad, monolithic and flat, without any exposed details, that becomes one with its surroundings and is tailor-made for existing infrastructure as well as for new architectural solutions. Its design language consciously leaves space for further products.

The system is ready for a comprehensive rollout and challenges of the future. Like the brand’s message: We charge the world.

Our Services

Brand Design
Product Design


Easelink GmbH

Brand Consulting:
Sabrina Dojlidko, Kirsten Ives

Creative Director:
Wolfgang Niederl

Art Direction & Graphic Design:
Denis Lelic, Wolfgang Niederl

Product Design:
Daniel Huber, Raimund Klausegger,
Manuel Fröschl-Rossboth (Spirit Design)

Animation & Product Renderings:
Franz Ferdinand Kubin

Animation Logo:
Dusan Potrc

Sabrina Luttenberger

Mia Feline

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