Merkur Eisstadion
managed by Messe Congress Graz
This ice is on fire

Flexing the muscles, shedding some tears: The new Merkur Eisstadion is a place where everything is possible. Allowed anyway.


After reconstruction, the Merkur Eisstadion managed by Messe Congress Graz is not only bigger but more modern as well – something everyone should know. This is why there was the need for a campaign that does justice to the remodelled sport venue by being recognisable and a bit cheeky. So moodley created a strategy that works online (social media) and offline (posters) and reflects the fans’ emotions. High demands for a campaign for the Eisstadion, that now fulfils all the requirements in this day and age itself.


Emotions! Ice hockey is a sport that is – more than others – based on feelings. Getting hit, dealing out blows, celebrating a win, comforting each other through setbacks. An emotional roller coaster. This is what moodley captured in its campaign. For example in posters with icons, that are embedded in white space to just be. Icons that represent the sport and capture the emotions of athletes and fans in memorable symbols. #jedermomentzählt

Our Services

Corporate Design
Social Media & Content Strategy


Creative Direction:
Mike Fuisz

Art Direction:
Stefan Unger

Graphic Design:
Stefan Unger

Laura Kalcher, Sabrina Luttenberger, Andreas Leitner

Social Media:
Stefan Unger, Mariana Romero-Palmer

Project Management:
Laura Kalcher

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