Energie Steiermark – Jahresbericht 2011
Bound energy.

As one of the most well-renowned energy providers in Austria, Energie Steiermark is now on the way to becoming a modern and innovative supplier of the new generation. moodley has accompanied Energie Steiermark in their development – and within that scope, now also creates their creative annual reports.


Energie Steiermark is determined to increase their lead and ensure their position as a leading business in the energy sector. With innovative ideas and noticeable pioneer spirit. And a whole new perspective on things. This way of thinking is also clearly visible in the 2011 annual report where technical innovations meet design innovations.


Unconventional and unexpected: Five inventors and their visionary projects on renewable energy are introduced in this annual report. This escape from the familiar shows: Energie Steiermark is in a phase of change – a sense of departure is noticeable throughout the company. This prevailing mood has been perfectly transported through the annual report created by moodley brand identity.

Our Services

Brand Communication, Annual Reporting, Content Strategie


Energie Steiermark AG GmbH

Responsible for the content
Urs Harnik-Lauris

Nicole Koch
Mike Fuisz
Wolfgang Niederl
Natascha Triebl
Ljubomir Sužnjević
Markus Supanitsch
Rita Stahlberg

Creative direction
Mike Fuisz

Art direction & graphic design
Wolfgang Niederl

Uli Knörzer

Medienfabrik Graz

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