Energie Steiermark – Jahresbericht 2012
Better together.

The world is always changing. And Energie Steiermark also needs to react to this development. It is getting more and more important for businesses to interact with clients and customers and, by that, make them their partners instead of consumers. The annual report 2012 puts the focus on the topic of the cooperation between client and company.


Energie Steiermark is in an atmosphere of departure: the development away from the role of a service provider towards the role of a partner is noticeable throughout the whole company. This new path is also central to the new annual report 2012 – moodley created a publication that fascinates and entertains at the same time.


Simple but effective: The central point within the annual report 2012 is a fine, green cord that runs through the report like a – not golden, but green – thread. Aside from the collaboration aspect, a feeling of departure is also prominent – a journey, if you will, away from conventions and towards a globally active, modern and humane service provider that is Energie Steiermark.

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Brand Communication, Annual Reporting, Content Strategie


Energie Steiermark AG

Responsible for the content
Mag. (FH) Urs Harnik-Lauris

Verena Kubinzky
Mike Fuisz
Wolfgang Niederl
Ljubomir Sužnjević
Wolfgang Croce
Markus Supanitsch

Creative direction
Mike Fuisz

Art direction & graphic design
Wolfgang Niederl

Ljubomir Suznjevic

Wolfgang Croce

Project management
Markus Supanitsch

Steiermärkische Landesdruckerei GmbH

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