The finest delicacies since 1932.

The traditional deli in Graz only serves the best sandwiches, finest patisserie and many other delicious little treats – and all that within a cozy and warm atmosphere. moodley brand identity created a web presence for this especially appetizing world.

In the year of 1932, Herbert Frankowitsch opened his store – and thereby created an institution. But knowing what you are doing and how the business works should not prevent you from keeping up with the times. Or even better: getting ahead of the times. This thought inspired the website – new, but also with a slight touch of tradition.


Thanks to the seductive food photography, a visit to the website immediately feels like a visit to the traditional bar in the Stempfergasse. In short: It really makes your mouth water. Skillful typography and animations add to the artistic appearance of the website and with the practical online shop, you can have the delicacies conveniently delivered to your home. Too bad that the delicious sandwiches cannot be tasted directly off the website.

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Josef Heissenberger KG

Art direction
Julia Klinger

Graphic design
Josef Heigl

Director digital
Birgit Taucher

Marion Luttenberger

Rudolf Binder

Project management
Jasmin Gottfried

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