Freedom without borders.

With internationally usable SIM cards, Freeeway makes the lives of long-distance truckers so much easier. This is why moodley embarked on a branding-road trip-journey – and traveled as far as never before.


To other drivers on the road, they may not be very welcome, but the families of long-distance-truckers often only get a glimpse of them when they return home. Their work is on the road and they know borders only from their rear-view mirrors – but it is such simple barriers they cannot leave behind: the communication with their loved ones. The Austrian company Freeeway broke through all the obstacles with a SIM card that enables truckers to surf the net in more than 40 European countries. Without borders and roaming – but with a totally new design.


Those who want to understand international truckers need to remove all the obstacles in their minds: With the new branding, moodley brand identity counted on the freedom to leave unnecessary baggage at home. Naming and corporate design mirror the simple joy of a life on the road and highlight the clear message of freeway between simplicity and safety – the claim “Drive free. Talk free. Feel free.” is motto and feeling at the same time.

Our Services

Brand Positioning & Brand Strategy, Naming, Corporate Design, Package Design, Roll Out & Implementation, Digital Design & Development


Freeeway GmbH

Creative direction
Mike Fuisz

Art direction
Natascha Triebl

Graphic design
Britta Fuchs
Viola Prüller
Natascha Triebl

Director digital
Tomaz Berkopec
Birgit Taucher

Matthias Alber

Project managament
Jasmin Gottfried

Marcel Seelig
Caihui Yang

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