The vitalizing valley

All good things come in threes. In the valley of Gastein that's no different: Dorfgastein, Bad Hofgastein und Bad Gastein – three places, independent and each with its own character and charme. moodley integrated the contrast between individuality and unity in the new Brand Positioning and Corporate Design.


Embedded inbetween the imposant Alps, aside the nationalpark Hohe Tauern, a valley full of history and tradition is to be found: the Gastein Valley. Here, real emperors once got pampered! Till today, Dorfgastein, Bad Hofgastein and Bad Gastein are known as soothing, healthful, yet active places – offering calming thermal springs as well as exciting sports possibilities. Gastein revives, yet simultaneously calms down. The valley invites to recharge and welcomes its guests now with a new look.


Recharge, revive and rise: This is what Gastein stands for. It unites contrasts, that are especially visible in the landscape: rough, jagged rocks here, soothing thermal waters there. The incredible diversity of nature should be translated to the Corporate Design as well. moodley preserved the historic essence from Gastein, while including the modern and contemporary sites of the valley. Particularly noticable in the choice of the typography and the designed logo: The Gastein writing appears classy due to its serif typo – the edges and corners, which symbolise the surrounding mountains, create a modern feel. Dorfgastein, Bad Hofgastein and Bad Gastein each retain their original identity, but are now all part of the overall family brand. The blue colour scheme is used extensively. It just fits so perfectly. After all, the light and dark blue hues illustrate all the unique characteristics of Gastein: waterfalls, mountain panoramas and snow-covered landscapes. The most beautiful here and now – you'll find it in Gastein.

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Gasteinertal Tourismus GmbH

Brand Consulting:
Lisa Haller

Creative Director:
Mike Fuisz

Art Director:
Wolfgang Niederl

Logo Bad Gastein:
Alex Kellas

Graphic Design:
Martina Kogler

Project Management:
Lisa Haller

Michael Königshofer, Stefan Leitner

Porfolio Photography:
Mia Feline

Sabrina Luttenberger, Matthias Alber,
Thomas Pokorn