Gulasch & Champagne
Carefree dining at its best.

The hotels of the Weitzer group are famous for their exceptional culinary concepts. Just like Gulasch&Champagne, one of the three restaurants at the Grand Ferdinand. Between old Viennese charm and the tasteful art of seduction, classics of the fast cuisine like sausages served with goulash broth, Debreziner sausages, Leberkäse and – of course – goulash meet sparkly Veuve Clicquot and tasty Velkopopovický. And not to forget: Always with a little, charming wink.

“Forgive us our sins”, is asked at Gulasch&Champagne. Well, of course – as it is very hard to say no to the rather uncommon venue at the Ringstraße in Vienna. Here, you can let yourself be tempted by the small snacks – but in a grand setting. With a charming Corporate Design, moodley brand identity manages the arc of suspense between down-to-earthiness and extravagance, casual bar and small but mighty restaurant.


With the new Corporate Design, moodley brand identity invites the guests at Gulasch&Champagne to enjoy themselves, celebrate and even to sin a little. The modern typography with historical influences and the illustrations by award-winning illustrator Jonathan Burton – winner at Communication Arts, the Society of Illustrators NY and the Association of Illustrators – impress as the style-defining elements with their charming and ironic characters. Inspired by the allure and the delicacies of the traditional Viennese cuisine, the Corporate Design leaves no room for doubts: Gulasch&Champagne really is “carefree dining at its best.“

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