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The wine democrat.

Hannes Reeh, a winegrower from Burgenland, doesn’t care whether you degust or just drink his wine. Because wine is more passion than science for him. And this is how it should be. Simple enjoyment for everyone.


Andau lies a little east from the Neusiedler See and is one of Austria’s sunniest towns. On its edges there are Hannes Reeh’s vines. And however dry the soil or how many crushed rocks there are, the vines like it there. A sense of well-being that is transported to the glass – which makes people really wanna drink the full-bodied wine of Hannes Reeh. Within the framework of a big brand relaunch the brand’s appearance was supposed to be revised.


You will find commitment in the heart of Hannes Reeh’s philosophy: the commitment to simple enjoyment. Which shall be celebrated in the corporate design. The changes were done very carefully to preserve the brand’s recognition value. The well-known labels of the wine bottles and the typography were adapted minimally. Aside from that we took the liberty to charge the brand and its products with emotions. Pictures and texts are used extensively to tell the brand’s story, which gets a face, by the way: an illustrated portrait of the winegrower himself.

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Volkmar Weiss
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Johanna Pötsch

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