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If you do a design relaunch of products with a high recognition value you have to be very careful. But to just let the familiar wine labels of Hannes Reeh, a winegrower in Burgenland, be, wasn’t good enough for us. This is why we added two new ones for the special one.


Hannes Reeh is an unconventional winegrower from Andau, a little town in Burgenland. He is producing full-bodied wines, that everyone in Austria knows and likes to drink. One reason for that are the squiggly borders on the labels that simply have a recognition value. When the design of the whole packaging range was relaunched, one wine, the new “Unplugged X”, had to stand out.


Because the labels have been so well known for years, they were only changed minimally – the customers should still find the wine on the shelves, right? The labels of “Unplugged X”, however, were developed, without alienating them: We just added some more. So there is the existing label and then there are two new ones, that can be arranged however one likes – and that clearly mark the “Unplugged X” as a speciality.

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