Hans Sachs
Finally home.

It's not "Show me how you live and I'll tell you who you are," but rather "Tell me who you are and I'll show you how you could live." After extensive conversations, H.Sachs develops comprehensive interior solutions that reflect the needs and personality of the residents.


They are interior designers, furnishers and consultants. The latter is of particular importance as conversations are the foundation of every project. The H.Sachs team in Neusiedl am See has set itself the task of tailoring interior design precisely to personality, needs and habits of the residents. Not simply selling high-quality brands and standard fashion solutions, but individual concepts whose aim it is to make the home of those who live there the most beautiful place in the world.
In the course of a complete brand relaunch, the focus was on developing a new website.


Once it was Heinrich Sachs, then Hans, then the second Hans and now it is Huszar – they all resonate within the new brand and its abbreviated name H.Sachs. The claim "Live as you are" summarizes the company's intention and is taken up in many touchpoints. The concept is explained by using reference examples – and the history of everyone standing behind H. Sachs Wohnen is also given sufficient space.
Basically, the brand and especially the website of H.Sachs serve as an inspiration. It’s not all about selling, but rather emotionalizing. Ensured by the generous use of images and text, which allows viewers to immerse themselves in a wide variety of living environments.
For H.Sachs Wohnen we developed the corporate design, wording and website.

Our Services

Corporate Design
Website Development
Rollout & Implementation
Storytelling & Content


Hans Sachs Wohnen GmbH

Creative CEO:
Volkmar Weiss

Creative Direction, Art Direction:
Nora Obergeschwandner

Graphic Design:
Nora Obergeschwandner

Director Digital:
Birgit Taucher

Digital Design
Nora Obergeschwandner

Dominic Fuss, Timotheus Triebl


Portfolio photography:
Aaron Jiang

Matthias Alber

Project management:
Marlies Aringer

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