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Always at the right address.

Whoever feels at home on Europe’s streets, will also find his way around in the digital world: moodley brand identity built a digital home for Schauperl Logistics – with a clear destination.


Ever since its foundation in 1929 Heinz Schauperl Logistics has been on the move. Modernization and new technology came and went – but the service provider with the well-known red logo never stepped on the brakes. After moodley’s facelift the traditional company now looks and feels like the modern brand that it truly represents.


The red signpost is also guiding the way in the digital world: A brand with tradition, on the direct way to a successful future. The traditional color concept of red and mind meets elegant design and clearly structured content – now, all the information is sure to arrive at its final destination.

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Digital Design & Development


Heinz Schauperl Logistics GmbH

Creative direction
Mike Fuisz

Art direction & graphic design
Nicole Lugitsch

Matthias Alber

Director digital
Birgit Taucher

Sissi Bieber

Project management
Jasmin Gottfried

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