Let’s hit the road

At OEBB, it’s now all about: Hellö and ‘make way for the buses!’ As of recently, the Austrian Federal Railways also offers long distance bus trips to large parts of Central Europe in addition to train service. Top equipped and super comfortable, the moodley branded buses now really make time fly … umm … roll by.


In a market largely dominated by prices, Austria’s biggest rail transporting company decided to take it to the road – for better quality and smarter long distance travel. Since then, ÖBB is making way for their new buses: Because aside from the beloved and popular trains, long distance buses are now also headed for a large part of Central Europe.

The challenges for the new brand were complex. It should transport the ÖBB’s friendly reliability without basing it too much on the core brand. It should address and appeal to a young while moving away from quality dumping and closer towards a lifestyle brand. But most importantly: Hellö should make bus travel interesting again.


moodley took the chance, combined the best aspects of bus, train and car and redefined a new lifestyle for long distance bus travel. Finally a bus line not only focused on the three „essentials of bus travel“ – comfort, leg space and catering – but one that also inspires to travel more with a simply elegant design and a lively wording.

Aside from the design of the buses and the interior design, moodley also accompanied the rollout of all the marketing measures that ushered the new era of Hellö. That’s how fun bus travel can be!

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Brand Consulting:
Mike Fuisz, Markus Supanitsch, Jakob Schneider

Creative Direction:
Mike Fuisz

Art Direction:
Wolfgang Niederl, Sabine Kernbichler

Graphic Design:
Sabine Kernbichler

Jakob Schneider

Project management:
Markus Supanitsch

Katia Tsikrikonaki