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Large-format entertainment.

Hotel Daniel always fascinates with small lovely details that are hidden inside the lobbys and rooms in Graz and Vienna. Those little – and sometimes not so little – secrets have been uncovered and put to paper in a stunning publication that is the Daniel Paper.


Smart travellers travel the world with light luggage and move around foreign cities easily and quickly. Hotel Daniel is built especially for those urban adventurers and offers specials you never knew you wanted. A hammock in the room, art on the roof and urban gardening in front of the door. And that is not even all. Those features should now also appear in a new publication.


The Daniel Paper was designed with a refreshing lightness, recreating the atmosphere that is characteristic of Hotel Daniel. Expressive, large-format visuals and the editorial design highlight the credo of the hotel: “Urban Stay – Smart Luxury.” Reserved, but with a strong personal touch, fresh and lively – and with content that instantly invites the readers in.

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Hotel Daniel

Creative direction
Mike Fuisz

Art direction & graphic design
Sabine Kernbichler

Andreas Kump
Regina Pichler
Katrin Scheikl
Rita Stahlberg
Tamara Sill

Marion Luttenberger

Project management
Markus Supanitsch

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