Hotel Wiesler – Branding
No stars needed to be a star.

In the first year after its 100-year anniversary, Hotel Wiesler has taken off its stars – in order to be young once again. moodley brand identity helped and found a very special luxury between art nouveau and soul.


Hundred years can be a long time – however, that does not mean that a hotel had to gather some dust over time. Instead of standard and standstill, Florian Weitzer was sure it was time for a radical, but skillful change after exactly 101 years: Hotel Wiesler gave up its stars voluntarily and thereby reinvented itself. As an inspiring place in the middle of Graz where business and elegant luxury meet Jugendstil and soul. moodley brand identity was sure to check in.


For the branding, moodley relied on the space – an abundant factor within a hotel – for the unconventional and surprising details. The personality that was thereby created is now filling the hotel’s old walls with new life. Unique visuals and expressive wording put the focus on the new Corporate Design between past and present.

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Creative direction
Mike Fuisz

Art direction & graphic design
Josef Heigl

Client service
Markus Supanitsch

Lupi Spuma

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