iSi – Packaging
The art of packaging.

Put in capsule. Shake. Go. Not much has changed about the fundamental principles since grandma’s times. But what we associate with iSi has definitely changed. It used to be just whipped cream, but today, iSi stands for espuma and delicious soups – for haute cuisine and experimental culinary art.


The redesign of the packaging was the second part of the rebranding process – a search of the one design that connects all the iSi products, but also presents the advantages and details of every one of the products.


moodley took care of the visual concept and created a packaging range that provides a fitting cover for the innovative kitchen tools. The results were two product lines: “For professionals”, a line meant for the use in restaurants all around the world and “Home Edition” for enthusiastic amateur chefs.

Our Services

Brand Positioning & Brand Strategy, Consumer Understanding & Insights, Corporate Design, Roll Out & Implementation, Package Design, Content Strategie, Corporate Publishing, Digital Design & Development


iSi Gruppe GmbH

Concept & art direction
Doris Pesendorfer

Graphic design
Anna Kranebitter
Christine Lange
Ula Krzyzak
Irene Ksica
Julia Scheiber
Wolfgang Kolar
Alex Muralter (Web)

Director digital
Birgit Taucher

Tina Herzl
Gerhard Wasserbauer
Akos Neuberger (Foodstyling)

Rudolf Binder

Project management
Samina Gheorghe

Thomas Allmer
Sissi Bieber

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