J. Hornig – Packaging
The black gold.

100 years, four generations. The latest change of management in the year 2012 was the ideal place and time to clothe the traditional coffee from Graz in a new, high-class packaging.


100 years are a long time – even for a coffee roaster like J. Hornig. The Graz-based company used this time to gain experience, to improve and bring the roasting technique to perfection – and become a truly traditional brand. In the course of the big relaunch in 2012, the first-class coffee has been treated to a whole new wardrobe.


moodley brand identity created a pleasant and simple packaging concept that not only shows the consumers the high quality and the expert knowledge of J. Hornig, but also looks astonishing – on supermarket shelves and at home. What has not changed is the content: J. Hornig still has a heart made of black gold in his chest.

Our Services

Consumer Understanding, Package Design



Creative direction
Mike Fuisz

Art direction
Kurt Glänzer

Graphic design
Kurt Glänzer
Denis Lelic

Brand consulting
Johanna Ecker

Johanna Ecker
Andreas Kump

Project management
Christina Schachner

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