Exclusive Living with a Vision.

Its name, Kayser, already lets you feel all the ambitions that went into this exclusive new building project, that moodley set the stage for: the disruption of tradition by modernity, of light by shadow and the changing perspectives between retreat and vantage point.


The difficulty in connecting two worlds lies in the necessary compromise. It gets even more difficult when a certain radicalism is added to the mix. Yet this was precisely the aspiration that provided the foundation for this high-end real estate project at Franz-Josefs-Kai 51. Architect Thomas Pucher concedes as little ground to compromise as possible and thus creates a lot of space for new things. For example, a sophisticated building front was created, which can be continuously be changed. A construction of panels that on one occasions allows glimpses onto the vibrant city below, on another allows retreat and supports the exclusive interior view. An exceptional real estate project in an exclusive location.


The development of the name for the project is based on a play with the namesake of the location. It lay the foundation for the further successful staging.
The accompanying photography translates the dualisms created through the façade’s concept by emphasizing light and shadow.
All communication measures focus on exactly what was ingrained in the project as absolutely essential: The exclusive perspectives. And their interplay.

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JP Immobilien, ARE – Austrian Real Estate

Creative Direction:
Gerd Schicketanz, Nora Obergeschwandner

Art Direction:
Nora Obergeschwandner, Christine Eisl

Graphic Design:
Katrin Mostböck

Andreas Kump, Jürgen Rumpler

Patrick Hainzl

Project Management:
Binela Zeiselberger

Image Photography:
Michael Dürr

Ambience Photography:
Tina Herzl, Alexander Krischner, Bernd Steinhuber

Atelier Thomas Pucher

Porfolio Photography:
Wolf-Dieter Grabner

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JP Immobilien, ARE – Austrian Real Estate – Kayser
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