Answering a global question

Creating new opportunity from discarded matter. That’s what Komptech is about.
The company is one of the industry’s leading providers for waste treatment systems. Together with moodley, the hidden champion from Styria developed more comprehensive ways to apply its know-how in the future, enabling customers to benefit from opportunities that the global waste problem holds.


Creating opportunity to grow
Many companies are thinking about sustainability in an increasingly versatile way and are more and more frequently identifying the environmental situation as an opportunity for growth. Therefore, moodley positioned Komptech around its new core message „Never waste an opportunity“. Declaring the company as a comprehensive enabler in the broad field of waste-processing and -management. This new strategic direction lays the foundation for a modern brand identity, which communicates the self-image very clearly. Facilitating and driving future developments, in the direction of a new business model. An organizational adaptation, including machine- and plant constructions, as well as consulting and digital services. Thus, Komptech will be able to exploit its full potential on the world market, allowing customers to make the best out of a big opportunity, whilst generating additional economic and ecological value.


Enableing a greener future
Starting with the beginning of 2022, in time for the 30th company anniversary, the new brand identity will be rolled out step by step. From a freshly designed logo up to a newly conceptualized online appearance.

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Komptech GmbH

Kirsten Ives, Sonja Lach, Matthias Alber, Sabine Ettema

Design Director:
Wolfgang Niederl

Art Direction:
Adam Katyi

Graphic Design:
Adam Katyi, Romain Berthet

Motion Design:
Raphael Koitz, Johannes Fischer

Project management:
Sonja Lach

Web concept:
Ana-Maria Achim, Cornelia Perus

Digital Project Management:
Sophia Ostler, Cornelia Perus

Lukas Guschlbauer, Jürgen Genser

Komptech GmbH