Leading Search Partners
Treasure hunters.

Headhunter. An expression that admittedly can sometimes sound a little rough. But in the branding for Leading Search Partners, moodley has proven that the rigorous search for the best is actually a carefully conducted search that requires a lot of sensitivity.


When it comes to headhunters, it is rather easy to separate the wheat from the chaff: Many are searching, some find, what they are looking for but scarcely anybody really connects. Leading Search Partners has made it their goal to get all three down to an art. moodley brand identity approached the branding through fun and games.


“Seek and ye shall find”, they say. But who seeks? Who can be compared to the motivated employees at Leading Search Partners? moodley loves playing with words. And that is why pearl divers, treasure hunters and gold diggers are now the stars of the corporate design – next to lovely illustrations and a sleek overall look.

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Leading Search Partners

Johanna Ecker

Creative direction
Mike Fuisz

Art direction
Nicole Lugitsch

Graphic design
Nicole Lugitsch

Malgorzata Bieroza - bieroza.pl

Project management
Christina Schachner

Sissi Bieber

Marion Luttenberger