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New moms will find everything they desire on Mamarella’s website. The online shop is like a good friend, easy and relaxed, who accompanies you while you’re pregnant and afterwards. Mamarella is honest and offers personal guidance. moodley optimised the customer journey in Mamarella’s e-commerce.

When Petra Bedford from Munich founded Mamarella in 2004, she became successful quite soon. There was finally a German online shop that knew the needs and wishes from moms (to be). Gone were the times of standard clothes, tops that look like tents and “well-intentioned” guidebooks. Thank god! No wonder Mamarella’s fan community grew and grew – so 2016 Petra Bedford decided to take another step into the future and to dress her website in a modern outfit to make it even more fitting to her users’ needs.


Mamarella’s new world is a statement – also in terms of colour. It’s girls only and you can see it. Pink stands for the easiness that makes it possible for moms to navigate through the website. Being pregnant isn’t just a nine month long condition, it’s a highly emotional part of life – one that is put together by many unique moments. Same thing counts for the time afterwards. Illustrations of butterflies and flowers invite one to feel good and to relax, a delicate handwriting makes for a personal note. Every click is fun and no matter what type of woman you are: You will find something that is for you for sure. Mamarella has the perfect outfit for your job, the next party, for doing sports or getting married and offers everything for your baby. Your orders will get shipped in lovingly designed boxes that make the unwrapping a beautiful surprise. Inspiration is also found while skimming through the catalogue – online or offline – however you like it. Then there is also a blog to inform you about trends and special topics. You will also find the “Mamarella Moments” there – with really important tips for the big and small moments around being a mom. The most beautiful are naturally shared on Facebook and Instagram. Mamarella’s website is a brand experience that feels good and where all brand touchpoints work perfectly – online and offline.

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Director Digital
Birgit Taucher

Creative Director
Doris Pesendorfer

Screen Design
Alex Muralter

Sabrina Luttenberger
Tamara Sill

Project management
Lisa Haller
Birgit Taucher

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