Hey, Mom

What makes being a mom so special? Well, everything. This is why Mamarella accompanies women during and after their pregnancy and just knows, what they need. And what is unnecessary. And understands how it feels: this moments of happiness, in the middle of pure chaos, in the middle of life. It’s okay, mom.


It all started in 2004 at a small desk somewhere in Munich. By now the Mamarella team knows the business around being a mom like no one else and the female customers love the online pioneer. Because you won’t get advices and products for supermoms but for mothers like you and me – and for their babies, obviously. Mamarella knows it all: the small and big moments between meetings and sandbox, between the search for the perfect party outfit and a nursing bra. So after twelve years of writing a success story it was finally time for a brand refresh that shows this very personal and intimate side of Mamarella.


Mamarella is “girls only”. It’s a pink world where you don’t see things through rose-coloured glasses all the time. Excitement, happiness, insecurity – while you are pregnant and after your pregnancy emotions will change in a heartbeat. In moments of joy or sadness you will need someone on your side, who just knows. A good friend you can tell and ask anything. Marrying with a baby bump, yoga while being nine months pregnant, baby sling or baby carrier, baby’s first bath … With Mamarella there is no drama revolving around this topics. Mamarella handles them with experience, while being honest and uncomplicated. The design of the new packaging, website and catalogue is easy-going as well and quite lovely. No wonder the customers are excited to get their orders delivered in this beautiful boxes. For all the unique moments as mom (to be).

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Mamarella GmbH

Brand Consulting
Lisa Haller

Creative Director
Doris Pesendorfer

Art Director
Nicole Lugitsch

Graphic Design
Nicole Lugitsch

Sabrina Luttenberger
Tamara Sill

Julia Scheiber

Project management
Lisa Haller
Sabine Mühlwanger
Samina Gheorghe

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