Happy Veggie Food.

The vegetarian restaurant that is one of a kind – and that lets the hearts of veggies skip a beat. Since moodley brand identity’s extensive redesign process, not only veggie food lovers, but also design junkies come to Mangolds to satisfy their cravings.


For a quarter of a century, Mangolds has been offering fresh, top-quality and especially vegetarian cuisine in the heart of Graz. A lot has changed during these 25 years, though. Most notably, nice new design has found its way into the kitchens all over the world – which is why moodley also only relied on the best ingredients. A love of Mangolds may go through the stomach, but admit it: You eat with your eyes first.


The variety of the modern veggie cuisine is now visible at first sight. Gone are the days of tasteless meatless food, boring Tofu and hippie spirit. Cool design and friendly colors now make for a totally new appearance – and the interior has also been modified. Happy style for happy food! The result? Happy people!

Our Services

Brand Positioning & Brand Strategy, Corporate Design, Roll Out & Implementation, Content Strategie, Storytelling, Package Design


Mangolds - das Frische Restaurant
MMag. Julia Pengg

Project management
Johanna Tauschmann

Creative direction
Mike Fuisz

Art direction & graphic design
Wolfgang Niederl

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