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The small but mighty difference.

How do you eat bread? What is on the inside, what is on the outside? And what is bread, anyway? Questions like these keep Martin Auer up at night. And he has already found surprising, but great answers to some of them – all that despite his rye-flour-allergy. moodley has molded the visions of the charming master baker into a new design concept.


If bread had a home, it would presumably be Dietrichsteinplatz in Graz. For centuries now, crisp rolls and delicious loafs have left the ovens of the company headquarters of Martin Auer. However, routine has never been a problem – because Martin Auer does not only want to bake bread. He wants to make it better everyday. And that is only possible when you think outside the baking tray. A new design should now show Martin Auer in the same way he sees his work: innovative, modern and friendly.


moodley brand identity created a wholly new concept for Martin Auer – the central point of this one-year process and the new positioning is undoubtedly the bread itself. The branding however is not only limited to just that, but also features the many moments that happen during the process – from the first kneading to the first bite. And never forget: Make bread, not war.

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Mike Fuisz

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Nicole Lugitsch

Michael Köngishofer

Matthias Alber
Andreas Leitner

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Jasmin Gottfried
Laura Kalcher

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