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Bread makes the world go round.

Martin Auer has dedicated his entire life to bread. But sometimes, he also likes to take a step out of the bakery. For example with the new, stunning Martin Auer magazine full of compelling and witty story telling.


Martin Auer is a man on a mission. To make the impossible possible. And all while baking the best breads in town. In the new Martin Auer Magazine, his philosophy of giving the bread its soul back should be clearly visible; in a medium that would raise the awareness and draw the attention to a seemingly ordinary food, while also focusing on what makes Martin Auer so special: the traditional handicraft and the aspiration towards the highest quality.


The result is a magazine of newspaper character that perfectly fits into the brand of Martin Auer – not only content-wise, but also in its modern and friendly design with a playful twist. Amusing bread stories, background info and insights into his world perfectly represent Martin Auer and communicate his very own approach to bread and baking. In a magazine that celebrates bread, as it should be celebrated. And in a way only Martin Auer can.

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Martin Auer

Creative Direction
Mike Fuisz

Art Direction
Nicole Lugitsch

Graphic Design
Nicole Lugitsch

Viola Prüller

Michael Königshofer

Andreas Leitner
Lisa Ranacher

Project Management
Laura Kalcher

Martin Auer
Laura Kalcher

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