Martin Auer – christmas
Walking in a winter wonderland.

Every year the weeks before Christmas tend to be pretty hectic. Martin Auer reminds us with his hand-drawn winter wonderland that there is more to this time than just shopping …


It's not that easy to keep calm when it's Advent in Graz and to not get roped into the general hustle and bustle. There are glitter and sparkles everywhere, the shop windows are loud and colourful and you can hear “festive“ music coming from the department stores' loudspeakers. What was clearly needed when creating the Christmas edition of cake boxes, paper bags, cups and co. was sensibility. So that they make you pause for a second and be happy in this overly hectic time and to also make Martin Auer's wish come true: that you will not just leave his shops with delicious pastries and coffee but especially with a big smile on your face.


In the time before Christmas Martin Auer, the Graz-bound company, doesn't get its customers into a festive mood by just offering handmade vanilla-flavoured crescent cookies and cinnamon biscuits. A lovingly hand-drawn Grazer Christmas world lets you discover new details every time you visit one of the shops or take a look at the bags, boxes and windows. Even stressed out shoppers will then remember for a moment what Christmas time is all about. Illustrations of well-known places and cute scenes in simple black-white-gold transform Martin Auer into a fine winter wonderland: handmade happiness to smile and feel good.

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Martin Auer

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