Merkur Brandbook
Forward to the roots.

There comes a time when you need to envision your strengths in order to draw new energy. Merkur decided to give its well-known brand a fresh image and – with „Mein Marktplatz für Genuss und Lebensfreude“ – developed a new brand core that ensured an unmatched brand positioning.


How can the shopping experience of a market be transferred to Merkur? How can core values such as “inspiration”, “conscious living” and “diversity” be transported? And how do you raise awareness for a company’s new direction and the strategic paradigm shift that goes with it?


moodley brand identity took over the visualization for the internal communication of the chain and with illustrative and typographic details, created emotional impulses on various touch points. The result was a new, profound brand book, an image film and charming tools that also find their way into the employees’ daily lives and thereby act as reminders for the reframing of the brand.

Our Services

Employer Branding, Corporate Publishing, Content Strategie, Brand Communication


Merkur Warenhandels AG
Franca Kuhn (Werbeleiterin)

Creative direction
Art Direction
Doris Pesendorfer

Graphic design
Doris Pesendorfer
Carolina Poch

Andreas Kump
Rudolf Binder

Project management
Olivia Forstmayr

Artur Bodenstein
Agentur Caroline Seidler

Peter Mayr

Motion picture and sound
Benedikt Skorpik