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The Messe Congress Graz is the number one when it comes to events. No matter if concerts, conferences, sporting events or balls – everything becomes an unforgettable experience here. Since the rebranding also the brand MCG itself is a true experience – on all of its touchpoints.


Others do events, the MCG (Messe Congress Graz) creates experiences. As one-stop-shop for experiences she does not only have the know-how but also the technical possibilities. All in all there are seven locations – Congress, Stadthalle, Messecongress, Messe, Merkur Arena, Merkur Eisstadion, Sportzentrum Graz-Weinzödl – that the MCG supervises with more than 400 performances and about one million visitors a year, who benefit from the most modern infrastructure. And up to date, that’s what the new corporate design was also supposed to be.


We have aligned the MCG. Due to its new corporate design the extensive package of the service provider finally gets visible: seven locations and countless possibilities. The design doesn’t force itself on anyone, but manages to attract attention anyway. Clear shapes lead the direction and provide a framework for the MCG’s complexity. A symbol got the main role: the line as stage, that in turn stands for the MCG. Pictures and text also speak a clear language now: “You can’t download the live feeling.”

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Brand Strategy
Corporate Design
Rollout & Implementation
Storytelling & Content


Messe Congress Graz Betriebsgesellschaft m.b.H.

Creative Direction
Mike Fuisz

Art Direction
Stefan Unger

Project management
Laura Kalcher

Sabrina Dojlidko

Graphic design
Stefan Unger
Lena Wurm
Coco Breban
Jennifer Fiala

Sabrina Luttenberger
Laura Kalcher
Stefan Unger

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