Unsealing the potential of
high-performance engineering

Meteor Group’s sealing systems are part of a whole host of tech products – largely without our knowledge – and have been since 1951. A rebranding by moodley is finally putting German engineering into the spotlight and sets the brand up for a successful future.


Innovation for everyone to see.
The new direction sets company as a high-end solution provider that aims to refine the innovations of its customers in order to create a new quality of experience. The complex fields of application of rubber seals are becoming an essential part of brand communication and the „High Performance Sealing Systems“ are now more visible than ever. With newly found confidence, reflected in the public image, a highly successful niche player will continue to make headway internationally in the future.


Designing for Resilience and Comfort
Like the products themselves, the brand design combines durability with aesthetics. From the evolved logo to the customized font, from the website to on-site signage to the branded stationary – it's clear in every element that Meteor really goes all out.

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Meteor GmbH

Kirsten Ives, Sonja Lach

Design Director:
Natascha Triebl

Art Direction:
Adam Katyi

Graphic Design:
Adam Katyi

Motion Design:
Johannes Fischer

Project management:
Sonja Lach, Laura Maierhofer

Consulting & Director Digital:
Birgit Taucher

Web Conzept:
Sonja Lach, Laura Wittmann

Adam Katyi

Studio Helga, Rene Egartner

Harry Köster