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If you wanna get to know Austria’s supermarket chain MPREIS you can ask one of its nearly 6,000 employees. Or you take a look at the company’s first Corporate Responsibility Report. It does not only tell about values such as regionalism, quality and design – it also matches them itself. And was awarded the „Trigos“, Austria’s award for socially responsible companies.


What has started in 1974 with its first store, had already one hundred in 1998 and counts 261 addresses today: the Austrian supermarket chain MPREIS. Tyrol, Salzburg, Carinthia, Vorarlberg and South Tyrol belong to its sphere of action – this is where MPREIS shapes the lives of its customers. How? MPREIS focuses on regionalism, sustainability and architecture. And this is what is shown quite impressively in its recent Corporate Social Responsibility report, which is – considering its appearance – more of a MPREIS standard work, because it states what is important.


As the company’s central document the report has deliberately been designed to take on the brand’s philosophy and display it in a clear visual language. The graphic presentation of facts is part of it and allows for complex issues to be handled quite easily. The importance of the company’s values is also shown in the CSR report’s design itself: The passion for regional engagement and architectural orchestration have co-determined its appearance considerably – and influenced the selection of paper, the layout and size of the report. And show once more why MPREIS has been awarded for its way of present food.

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Creative Director:
Mike Fuisz

Sabrina Dojlidko

Art Director:
Natascha Triebl, Viktoria Hohl

Graphic Design:
Viktoria Hohl

Maria Stern (Mpreis), Sabrina Luttenberger

MPREIS Warenvertriebs GmbH

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