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Nuriel, Elior, Nadiv and Ilan. Short: NENI. And behind it a bundle of energy that keeps it all together: Haya Molcho, the lively founder of the equally cheerful family business. Many know NENI from the famous Naschmarkt in Vienna or from the shelves in the supermarkets – but with restaurants in Vienna, Berlin, Zurich and soon also Hamburg, catering and even a food truck, NENI has grown into a full-on lifestyle brand. moodley brand identity packed the colorful variety of the brand into a new website full of taste, appeal and passion.

When simply looking at all the different things NENI does, you know straight away that it is far from an ordinary brand. Now, moodley brand identity was facing the challenge to show all of NENI’s colorful, lively facets and to also make them come alive in the digital world. All while staying true to the brand identity. The result: A website that gives the friendly chaos a little more structure and order – at least on the web.


NENI is a family business – and proud of it. And when you start clicking through the new website, you will know, why. Friendly design, charming photography and personal content, put into a design that is as fun loving and energetic as the brand itself. moodley brand identity developed a website that gives a great overview of the diverse NENI world, but also highlights every facet of the brand. All while emphasizing and focusing on the products, the different locations and the philosophy of the brand: “Life is beautiful.”

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Doris Pesendorfer, Jennifer Speichert

Peter Mayr

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Tamara Sill

Johanna Stockhammer, Michael Maier

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