NÖM – Packaging
A brand for every generation.

Freshness without compromise and best quality, always: After an unbelievable 100 years in the business, NÖM still offers the dairy products from grandmother’s time – after the successful rebranding and with a new packaging, they now offer tomorrow’s modern design.


Our grandparents already knew the best milk is NÖM milk. Meanwhile, the company based in Baden, Lower Austria, and active across Europe, does not only produce milk, but also an unbelievable amount of different products. Starting with diet products and various yogurts to classics like butter and cream – the NÖM product palette is a large one. moodley has contributed a small part and created a new packaging for NÖM milk and NÖM Mix muesli.


The newly developed logo for the milk product palette and the NÖM Mix muesli now seems much more friendly and happy – with the new look, the products now stand out again so that you will find your favorite dairy product more quickly. Or maybe you find two, or three, or four…

Our Services

Brand Positioning & Brand Strategy, Corporate Design, Roll Out & Implementation, Brand Communication, Package Design, Content Strategie, Corporate Publishing



Project management
Johanna Tauschmann

Creative direction
Mike Fuisz

Art direction
Doris Pesendorfer
Natascha Triebl

Graphic design
Natascha Triebl
Kurt Glänzer

Director digital
Birgit Taucher

Social media
Katrin Scheikl

Andreas Balon
Marion Luttenberger und Croce + Wir

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