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The Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) carry more than 238 million passengers a year. And those benefit from a smart performance on all the digital touchpoints.


Translate the analogue service quality digitally. Customers were in need of a tool for using all of ÖBB’s services in an instant without difficulty. To be more precise: A smart solution was searched for, that would not only function on all devices but would also learn from consumer behaviour while being embedded in a consumer-orientated design. This will subsequently lead to more orientation at contact points and to more safety while booking. The ÖBB wants to be with its passengers on all route sections: from planning a trip to the arrival at one’s destination.


Together with our partner Illustree Great User Experiences and under the guidance of the brilliant David Höller we created a completely new user experience for ÖBB customers that focuses on the passengers and especially their needs. Easy handling, quick booking, clearly laid out offers. In a design that makes intuitive interactions with all of ÖBB’s touchpoints possible and that can also be found at all of them – without exceptions. Web, smartphone, vending machines and monitors are integrated in one system featuring a high quality of service. No unnecessary features, only features with benefits: buying tickets with only two clicks (also working in the city area), an app that combines a journey planner and the purchasing of tickets and that even functions as a travel companion. Going by train has never been easier.

Our Services

in cooperation with
ILLUSTREE. Great User Experiences

Customer Experience & Insights
User Experience Strategy
Graphical User Interface Design
User Testing


ÖBB Personenverkehr AG

Project Leader
David Höller

Creative Director
David Höller
Mike Fuisz

Project Management
Keqiao Xu
Birgit Taucher
Thomas Pfaller

Doris Granegger

UX-Konzept & Design
Phil Samhaber
Paul Sommersguter
Jan Amann
Günther Feldbaumer
Valeria Forlani
Thomas Granegger
Zachary Kutz
Verena Mitterrutzner

Technical Development

Project Manager T-Systems
Joachim Szepannek
Thomas Ruis

in cooperation with
ILLUSTREE. Great User Experiences

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