Where does your energy come from?

OMV is on the search for answers. For the answers to questions such as: What keeps us going? What speeds us up? What is your source of energy? Together with moodley brand identity, OMV let the quest begin.


Within this paper, the HR managers from 80 different countries were to be presented in the most personal and sympathetic way possible and their inspiring ideas about personal sources of energy, the origins of their motivation and their strength to break the mold every day should be bundled in this elegant publication.


The collected answers to these exciting questions have been written down in an inspiring paper – in an outstandingly friendly look and feel and spiked with authentic and real Skype snapshots. In cooperation with the world identity lab created by moodley, the OMV thereby wants to raise awareness for the topic of energy.

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Brand Communication, Employer Branding, Content Strategie



Creative direction
Albert Handler

Graphic design
Anouk Rehorek

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