Palais Principe
L’art nouveau.

Classy and elegant. This is how Palais Principe presents itself in one of the most vibrant locations in Vienna: Hoher Markt 12 in the 1st district. A place where you can reside in style and be inspired by the Viennese flair and its long and lively history. moodley brand identity was tasked with the conception and marketing visualization of the property.


At Palais Principe, clients are greeted by the most exclusive high-end apartments and luxurious interiors, including a private garage, private access from an elevator or a private spa. The high-class atmosphere and the flair should now also be visible on the outside.


moodley developed an elegant logo, a creative box for marketing and an incredible image-book with romantic illustrations. In addition to that, a new web design was also developed.

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JP Immobilien

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Creative und Art Direction
Gerd Schicketanz

Graphic design
Nora Obergeschwandner
Gerald Schinwald

Text and book concepts
Michael Endlicher

Daniel Egnéus

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