Purely successful.

Pure encapsulations have been the original pure substances for years. But because recipes can always be improved and refined, Pure decided to completely relaunch the brand at its zenith. A new look now conveys an entirely new feeling.


The pure substances do not contain any traces of coloring or additives and have been produced only according to the strictest quality regulations and guidelines – an approach that has impacted the success of Pure in a major way. In order to keep up the success rate of the company based in Graz, moodley developed a completely new corporate design for the brand, including a new packaging design. After all, the future does not want to be decided, but shaped.


In order to be successful – and to stay successful – one always needs to be ahead of the others. With the new branding and the new packaging design for Pure, the brand has now assured and consolidated its position and even increased its lead in the market. Since then, nothing has been the way it used to be: New focus, new design, new product photography, new touch points, new look-and-feel. And the anticipated, new success has followed.

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Pure Encapsulations

Strategic consulting
Johanna Ecker

Creative Direction
Mike Fuisz

Art direction & graphic design
Kurt Glänzer

Roll-out and implementation
Grafenberg Media OG

Marion Luttenberger

Project management
Christina Schachner