Radio Max Magazin
The A(lpha) and O(mega).

Radio Max is the eye-opener for more than three million REWE customers. Now, the world of the modern radio station has been enriched with a very special medium: The entertaining company magazine “O-Töne”.


The shopping sensation that is one of a kind: With Radio Max, shopping has become so much more entertaining. With the new corporate design also created by moodley brand identity, a consistent identity has been developed for the brand – now it was time to communicate the new image through a new, yearly publication.


moodley kept the colorful world of Radio Max in a simple, independent magazine layout with puristic-impressive black and white portraits and interviews with personalities such as New Yorker Designer JP Williams or perfumer Geza Schön from Berlin. At the same time, the corporate design has been subtly integrated – and the color scheme of Radio Max runs through the magazine like the golden thread.

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Radio Max

Creative direction
Mike Fuisz
Natascha Triebl

Art direction
Alex Muralter
Sabine Kernbichler

Graphic design
Sabine Kernbichler

Johanna Tauschmann

Nina Prehofer

Nina Prehofer
Rita Stahlberg

Jacob Pritchard
Frank Burkhard
Klaus Vyhnalek
Karin Lernbeiß
Robert White/Corbis
Andy Reynolds/Corbis
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Image processing
Croce & Wir

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